Cohesity SiteContinuity

2 October 2023

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Modern businesses, despite their technological advancements, remain vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes, along with unnatural threats like cyberattacks and power outages. These events can severely disrupt critical systems. Given the increasing frequency of such incidents, ensuring effective Disaster Recovery (DR) is paramount. Rapid recovery of systems and applications to a stable state is essential for sustaining business operations and continuity.

Cohesity SiteContinuity offers a robust solution, integrating data security, protection, and DR for applications and virtual infrastructure. Leveraging our trusted data protection service, SiteContinuity provides tailored capabilities that are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses today.

Improved DR Orchestration

SiteContinuity provides a unified tool to manage disaster recovery for your entire range of applications. This includes both mission-critical applications and less critical operational systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Intuitive User Interface

SiteContinuity operates on a single, web-scale platform seamlessly supporting operations from on-premises to on-premises. SiteContinuity features an intuitive user interface that utilizes your existing backups, eliminating the need for external applications for orchestration.

Self-Contained DR Plans

SiteContinuity empowers business continuity teams by allowing them to create reusable blueprints of applications for use in DR plans. These plans can be regularly tested without causing disruptions. In the event of a disaster, an automated DR plan can be activated instantly with a single click. This provides seamless end-to-end automation and orchestration for applications at the DR site, enabling rapid recovery within minutes.

With SiteContinuity, businesses can have confidence in their ability to protect their data and quickly recover in the event of a disaster.